March, 2022 Update: Humanitarian projects for Palestinians

Since 2020, the CJPME Foundation has launched three highly successful humanitarian projects for Palestinians. Many of our donors gave generously for these projects – and we thank you deeply! These projects are making a tangible difference in the lives of Palestinians, and we wanted to share the latest updates from the field.

Update: Gaza Emergency Aid Project (May, 2021)


Above left: Children from one of the families helped with food assistance. Middle: Rafiq Al-Fayoumi with a medical kit which helped him and his family after he lost his leg last May. Right: Ahmad Hasan Al-Matoor received medication for severe burns suffered after Israel's attack.

Last May, following Israeli abuses in Sheikh Jarrah, the Al Aqsa Mosque, and Israel's bombing of Gaza, the CJPME Foundation felt it had to take humanitarian action. Working with its partners, the Foundation quickly developed a project which would provide emergency food assistance, emergency medical kits, and medical consumables to Palestinians in Gaza. Within just a few weeks, the CJPME Foundation was able to write a cheque for $62,000 to get the aid to Palestinians on the ground.

The recent update from the field for this project is very gratifying: 4500 impacted Gazans received food assistance for one month through the program, and 2850 Gazans benefitted the medical kits, medicines and medical consumables.

Rafiq Al-Fayoumi, who lost his leg during because of Israel's attack on Gaza last May, was one of many who benefitted from this aid. Rafiq needed support and medical attention during his recovery. Rafiq states, “Thanks to the donors that provided me with this medical first aid kit that allowed me and my family to change my wound dressings and prevented me from having further complications throughout my recovery and to this day” See the full project impact report here.

Update: Palestine Medical Relief Campaign (2020)


Above left: A defibrillators donated to Hayfa Hospital. Middle: With the new equipment, Hayfa Hospital now has a complete intensive care unit - the only one serving northeast Gaza. Right: A medical professional adjusts equipment next to a patient.

In April of 2020, during the difficult early days of the COVID-19 crisis, the CJPME Foundation joined with the Coalition of Canadian Palestinian Organizations to raise $165,000 for ICU care in Palestine. The money paid for four ventilators, two medical monitors, and two defibrillators, which were delivered in late 2020.

On this project too, the CJPME Foundation recently received an update from the field, showing the huge impact this project has had. Some of the equipment went to Hayfa Hospital which, as a result, now has the only complete intensive care unit serving northeast Gaza. One doctor at the hospital said, "This equipment has helped hundreds of people and will continue to do so for a long time."

The European Gaza Hospital, with dedicated COVID-19 services, also received some of the equipment. A doctor there stated, "The equipment [we] received had a significant impact on the survival of the people in the ICU."

See the full and final report on the project here.

Update: Help Gaza Breathe – Project for Medical Oxygen (2021)


In early 2021, Gaza hospitals were struggling to provide the medical oxygen necessary to treat COVID and other critical medical cases. Although the project was delayed because of Israel's assault last year on Gaza, the CJPME Foundation was ultimately able to gift $157,000 for oxygen generating equipment for Gaza City's Al-Shifa Hospital. We are expecting updates soon to confirm that the project is complete and the equipment is up and running.

What's next – "Water for Gaza"


Over the past few months, the CJPME Foundation has been working with its partners to scope out a large-scale public water well project which will serve 15,000-25,000 Gazans. Palestinians in Gaza face a severe shortage of drinking water in Gaza due to a depleted aquafer and discriminatory Israeli water policies.

Donations for this project – "Water for Gaza" – can be made on-line here. Or you may print and complete the form here.

All donations for this humanitarian project are eligible for a charitable tax receipt, issued by the CJPME Foundation.

The Foundation will officially launch "Water for Gaza" next week, providing fuller details for this large and significant community project. This project will make a huge difference for the community targeted – currently the Al Zaitoon Area in the southern suburbs of Gaza City. More details coming soon!

Other ways of supporting Palestinian humanitarian projects

Keep in mind that there are a variety of ways to support the CJPME Foundation and its projects:

  • Tax-free capital gains for donations of stocks/securities. The CJPME Foundation has an account with CIBC Wood Gundy, and can accept donations of stocks/securities. You will pay no tax on capital gains when you make a gift of shares to the CJPME Foundation. Learn more here.
  • Does your employer offer Benevity Causes workplace giving? The CJPME Foundation is registered with Benevity, so a gift that you make to the CJPME Foundation can be matched by your employer through Benevity Causes. In some cases, even past gifts (from earlier in 2022) can be matched through Benevity Causes. Email or call the CJPME Foundation at 514-389-8668 with any questions.
  • Does your employer have a United Way program? You can earmark your United Way donation for the CJPME Foundation. Contact your United Way representative at your employer, or contact the CJPME Foundation for more info. While it may be too late for 2021, you can get it started for 2022. Again, email or call the CJPME Foundation at 514-389-8668 with any questions.

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