Resources on anti-Palestinian Racism

Anti-Palestinian racism (APR) is finally starting to get the attention that it requires, and the study and understanding of Anti-Palestinian racism (APR) is growing rapidly, especially in Canada.  Below are some resources which should be of help to people - especially those in Canada - who want to learn more (and participate in the conversation) about APR.

Like with any other racialized community, the Palestinian diaspora community is diverse, and is represented by a collectivity of voices and associations.  The resources list below is the best attempt of the Anti-Racism Program to direct people to pertinent, practical and professional resources - provided by a diversity of people and groups - in the struggle against anti-Palestinian racism.  The resources are foremost focussed on a Canadian audience.

Definitions/descriptions of anti-Palestinian Racism

As with any field, there are divergent opinions on how to describe and define anti-Palestinian racism.  Below are some of the definitions, descriptions and summaries which we believe merit consideration:

Anti-Palestinian Racism: Naming, Framing and ManifestationsArab Canadian Lawyers Association.  This is one of the most rigorous and professionally presented descriptions of anti-Palestinian racism developed to date.

Anti-Palestinian Racism (Factsheet)Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East.  This is a brief, summary presentation of the ACLA's defintion with some practical examples and explanations added.

Defining Anti-Palestinian Racism.  Understanding Anti-Palestinian Racism.  This is a definition with a collection of supporting examples and resources.

Significant articles/analyses of anti-Palestinian racism

Anti-Palestinian Racism in Canada: 2022 ReportCanadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East.  A report highlighting the widespread problem of anti-Palestinian racism (APR) in Canadian society, exposing more than 500 examples of this form of racism in online written content in 2022. 

For Canadian universities, the Palestinian is the ‘toxic other’, Aljazeera - Muhannad Ayyash.  An overview of how the Canadian academic environment fails to address the underlying drivers of anti-Palestinian and other forms of racism.

How Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism are manufactured through disinformation, The Conversation - Jasmine Zine.  An overview of how media outlets and co-ordinated networks, Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian tropes and conspiracies are circulated. 

Anti-Palestinian Racism: Analyzing the Unnamed and Suppressed RealityProject on Middle East Political Science.  A broad but brief analysis of Israel/Palestine in relation to race, racism, and anti-racism.

APR self-reporting tools in Canada:

The following list is not meant to be exhaustive, but is meant to provide a selection of the sites where victims of APR can report their experience(s).

1. Self-report racismArab Canadian Lawyers Association (ACLA)  
"Have you experienced anti-Arab or anti-Palestinian racism?  Share your experience with us by completing this short form."  Note: This page collects reports of both anti-Arab, and anti-Palestinian racism.

2. Report Anti-Palestinian Racism in Canadian Public Schools,  Palestinian Canadian Congress (PCC) 
"Have you experienced or witnessed (you or your child) anti-Palestinian racism in Canadian public schools? Please, share your experience with us. This form is prepared by the Palestinian Canadian Congress and is promoted in local regions by collaborating with various local community groups. "  Note: This tool is focussed on anti-Palestinian racism in Canadian schools, K-12.

3. Report an incident; what you see matters!,  Legal Centre for Palestine (LCP) 
"The purpose of this reporting tool is to help us document and triage incidents of anti-Palestinian racism in Canada, including harassment, censorship, and punishment. After receiving your incident report, our intake team will refer you to a lawyer from our roster based on the urgency of your case."  

4. Self-reporting toolCoalition of Canadian-Palestinian Organizations (CCPO)
"Whether online or in the real world, we track incidents of hate to measure and combat Anti-Palestinian / Anti-Arab or Islamophobic crimes in Canada."  Note: This page collects reports of Islamophobia, anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian racism.

5. Incident reportNational Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM)
"If you believe you have been the victim or witness of discrimination, harassment, or a hate crime, please fill out and submit an Incident Report Form with as much detail as possible." Note: Although this page is listed on the NCCM Palestine Portal as "Incident Report," it seems to link to the general NCCM page for the reporting of Islamophobic incidents.