Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To create Canadians who are passionate about the need to protect the human rights of all peoples around the world.

Our Beliefs

The CJPME Foundation believes that all peoples should be able to enjoy human rights, and live healthy and productive lives.  The CJPME Foundation is especially concerned about the rights of aboriginal peoples, both in Canada, and elsewhere around the world, and strives to sensitize Canadians to the challenges facing these peoples.  Finally, the CJPME Foundation wants to serve as a conduit for humanitarian aid when Canadians wish to reach out in compassion to a vulnerable people suffering under war, occupation or a natural disaster. 

Our Activities

The CJPME Foundation is a charitable, educational and humanitarian organization with several focus areas:

Education: Educating the public by hosting public seminars and workshops featuring Canadian and international experts on human rights and aboriginal rights issues.

Art and Media: Producing art expositions, film festivals and related arts festivals for the purposes of educating and advancing the public’s practical understanding of human rights and aboriginal rights in Canada and abroad.

Research: Undertaking research and publishing reports on: 1) Human rights and aboriginal rights law in Canada and internationally, and 2) The actual implementation of human rights and aboriginal rights law in Canada and internationally

Humanitarian: Donating to charities to relieve poverty, misery and despair by providing for basic amenities to the poor, refugees and the dispossessed.