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The CJPME Foundation

The CJPME Foundation is a charitable, non-profit, volunteer and secular organization, dedicated to helping Canadians better understand human rights and indigenous rights in Canada and internationally.  The CJPME Foundation pursues its mandate by monitoring and combatting manifestations of racism; conducting, publishing and disseminating research; hosting seminars and workshops; providing internships; training youth; and donating to charitable humanitarian programs.

The Foundation's Anti-Racism Program (ARP) exists to create public awareness about racism in Canada.  Below, please find the most recent incident reports and statements published by the ARP.

  • Latest from the blog

    ARPCF Condemns Suspected Hate-Motivated Arson in London, ON

    View this statement in pdf format. Montreal, Jun 11, 2024— The Anti-Racism Program of the CJPME Foundation (ARPCF) strongly condemns the suspected racially-motivated arson on Wateroak Drive in London Ontario, which London Police are investigating as a potential hate crime. This incident, where an individual allegedly set fire to a family's front porch and removed pro-Palestinian signage, represents more than mere vandalism; it is a clear example of Anti-Palestinian Racism (APR) and broader hate-driven behavior in our communities. As if their intents weren’t already clear enough, the suspect left a note on the porch, which read, “One more time if I see you put that stupid (expletive) Free Palestine…I’m warning you.”
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    APRCF Calls for Reconsideration of Whitehorse City Council's Decision Against Palestine Solidarity Motion

    View this statement in pdf format. Montreal, Jun 06, 2024— The Anti-Racism Program of the CJPME Foundation (APRCF) expresses profound concern regarding the recent decision by the Whitehorse City Council to block a motion supporting Palestine. This decision, justified by Mayor Laura Cabott's claim that the motion is "divisive" and not in the community's best interest, clearly manifests anti-Palestinian racism. This form of racism systematically excludes Palestinian voices and their rights to sympathy and solidarity through the use of vague political language and administrative excuses, reducing their existence to what Giorgio Agamben describes as "bare life," where their basic human rights are continuously negotiable and denied.
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  • Latest from the blog

    “Arab Face” incident at Wilfrid Laurier University

    View this report in PDF format. In early March, 2024 a member of the Hillel Waterloo Laurier student group donned a costume that exaggerated Arab features and sparked controversy. This outfit, worn by a student during a Purim event for the Hillel group, included a Palestinian keffiyeh styled to mimic an Arabic headdress, and a type of robe with stuffing to suggest a large belly.  The student also appeared to hold either 1) what seemed to be a dagger, or 2) what appeared to be a trigger for a suicide bomb.  In either case, this costume invoked deeply ingrained and offensive Orientalist stereotypes. After protests, and after first refusing, the Hillel group eventually removed the image from its Instagram account.  The University said it would look into whether this incident violated the student code of conduct.
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    ONDP expels member for referring to “Zionist Lobby”

    View report in pdf format. On November 26, 2022, Henry Evans-Tenbrinke attended an Ontario NDP provincial council meeting which included a discussion about the party’s disciplinary action against MPP Joel Harden earlier that year.  Earlier that month, Harden had been forced to apologize after criticizing Israel for human rights violations, and was accused of being antisemitic by pro-Israel groups[i].  During the discussion at the NDP council Evans-Tenbrinke, a longtime activist with the ONDP, commented on the party's disciplinary action against Harden. Evans-Tenbrinke suggested that the party had caved to the "Zionist lobby," leading an unnamed participant to lodge a complaint against him for using what was claimed to be an antisemitic term.
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