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Gaza farmers have faced challenges for years due to Israel's punishing blockade and ongoing violence, political instability and land degradation (from conflicts and destruction.) "Gaza Farm Aid" is a project of the CJPME Foundation and local partners to provide Gaza farmers with seeds, fertilizers, equipment, funds and training to rehabilitate farmland which has fallen out of use. Produce from the first harvest will be given to needy familes for Ramadan.

Note that donations are tax deductible, and that donations are eligible for Zakat, as the people being supported are in need, and they will have full ownership over the equipment, supplies and skill sets that are given to them over the course of the project.  Because the project also purchases fresh produce from the farmers and provides food to families during Ramadan, it is also eligible to fulfill Zakat-ul-Fitr obligations.

Please use the fields below to support Gaza farmers to make their land productive again and help feed their communities.  Charitable tax receipts for gifts of $20 or more will be issued by the CJPME Foundation, a Canadian charity, Registration Number 841493539 RR 0001



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