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GOAL: $140,000.00

Palestinians in Gaza face a severe shortage of drinking water in Gaza due to a depleted aquafer and discriminatory Israeli policies. To help address the crisis, the CJPME Foundation and its allies have launched a project to provide a central water well to the Al Zaitoon neighbourhood, a southern suburb of Gaza City.  The water well will provide a source of clean water to 15,000 to 25,000 Gazans (at 100 cubic metres/hour of water) and will also feed clean water to Gaza’s existing municipal water network distribution system.

Due to the wellspring of generosity of our donors, we have met our original target of $100,000 for the project. Since the full cost of the project is $140,000, and the $40,000 gap was to be met by our partners, we have decided to STRETCH for the full $140,000 target. Thank you for your exceedingly generous support!

Please donate using the fields below to help the Palestinians of Gaza access clean water.  Charitable tax receipts for gifts of $20 or more will be issued by the CJPME Foundation, a Canadian charity, Registration Number 841493539 RR 0001



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