November, 2022 Update: Humanitarian Projects For Palestinians

Lots of exciting news from the CJPME Foundation on the humanitarian projects that have been launched over the past year.  Our deepest thanks to the many CJPME donors who have given generously for these projects.

Check out the updates below :  


The CJPME Foundation is a Canadian charity that, among other things, addresses the humanitarian needs of Palestinians living under brutal Israeli military occupation.  The CJPME Foundation is planning a new humanitarian project for Palestinians early in 2023.* You may earmark your donation for this humanitarian project, or you may donate to support the broader work of the CJPME Foundation – through either a one-time or monthly donation – which includes educational work, exhibitions, non-partisan human rights advocacy, and other programs.  See below for other tax-deductible ways of supporting the CJPME Foundation.

Construction almost complete for new Gaza water well!

Palestinians in Gaza face a severe shortage of drinking water in Gaza due to a depleted aquafer and discriminatory Israeli policies. In fact, only 10% of Palestinians in Gaza have access to potable and safe water through public water networks.


In particular, the Al Zaitoon suburb of Gaza City suffers from a severe shortage of potable water, with only a few hours of water service every three days. Costed at $140,000, the CJPME Foundation’s 2022 water well project will be supporting 30,000 Palestinians annually in the Al Zaitoon area by delivering 100 cubic meters of water per hour.

Even though progress on the well was delayed by Israel’s bombardment of Gaza in August, work on the well got underway in September.  We are thrilled to say that the well will be functional in weeks.  See the report from our IDRF partner here.

Our sincerest thanks go to the hundreds of generous Canadians who supported this project, as well as the Public Service Alliance Canada (PSAC)'s Social Justice Fund which gave $10,000 to his project.

Turning vacant lots in Gaza into Playgrounds!

Given the outpouring of generosity for the “Water for Gaza” project above, the CJPME Foundation exceeded its goal of $140,000 by well over $40,000!  As such, the Foundation started looking for other partners doing amazing work in Gaza and settled on Playground Builders as a partner for its next humanitarian project.


So in early September, the CJPME Foundation gifted $12,000 for a playground at the Rudolf Falter Primary School in the Deir El-Balah refugee camp.  And just last week, word was received that the playground is already up and running!  Check out this inspirational one-minute video to see the work and functioning playground!

In the past several years, Playground Builders has built over 260 playgrounds in Afghanistan and Gaza, employing local tradespeople to establish the playgrounds and build the equipment.  As soon as Playground Builders can scope them out, the Foundation plans to fund two more playgrounds before year end.

Oxygen Plant funded by “Help Gaza Breathe” Finally Operational!

In 2021, during the global pandemic, Gaza’s healthcare system struggled to provide the necessary medical oxygen to COVID and other patients.  The “Help Gaza Breathe” project was launched in February 2021 by the CJPME Foundation to enable the purchase of an “oxygen plant” for the Al-Shifa hospital.  This oxygen plant would provide medical-grade oxygen not only for the hospital itself but also health clinics in the Al-Rimal area of east Gaza.


The CJPME Foundation was able to raise about $150,000 while its partner, the IDRF, pitched in the remaining 25% of the funds.  Frustratingly, the inhumane Israeli occupation prevented the oxygen plant from being delivered to Gaza for over a year.  But last month, it was announced that the oxygen plant had finally entered Gaza and was installed.  The oxygen plant will benefit up to 10,000 patients per month!  See the report from our IDRF partner here.

Again, our thanks to the many CJPME donors who made this project possible, including our faithful partner, the Public Service Alliance Canada (PSAC)'s Social Justice Fund which contributed $10,000 to his project.

Can you support the work of the CJPME Foundation?

As mentioned above, the CJPME Foundation is a Canadian charity that addresses the humanitarian needs of Palestinians living under oppressive Israeli military occupation.  There are many different ways to support the work of the Foundation:

  • Does your employer have a United Way program? You can earmark your United Way donation for the “CJPME Foundation,” CRA Registration Number 841493539 RR 0001. Contact your United Way representative at your employer, or contact the CJPME Foundation for more info. You may start or update your United Way deductions at any time throughout the year.  If you do earmark your United Way payroll deductions to the CJPME Foundation, please let us know (email or call at 514-389-8668) so that we can follow up with the relevant United Way organization.
  • Tax-free capital gains for donations of stocks/securities. The CJPME Foundation has an account with CIBC Wood Gundy, and can accept donations of stocks/securities. You will pay no tax on capital gains when you make a gift of shares to the CJPME Foundation. Learn more here.
  • Does your employer offer Benevity Causes workplace giving? The CJPME Foundation is registered with Benevity, so a gift that you make to the CJPME Foundation can be matched by your employer through Benevity Causes. In some cases, even past gifts (from earlier in 2022) can be matched through Benevity Causes. Email or call the CJPME Foundation at 514-389-8668 with any questions.
  • Does your employer have its own workplace charity program?  Many employers have their own custom programs to support charities.  Such programs may match employee donations, make a donation for employee volunteering, or other mechanisms.  As a registered Canadian charity, the CJPME Foundation qualifies for all such programs.  Give us a call at 514-389-8668 if you believe your employer has such a program.  We’ll work with you to facilitate such donations.

Thank you for any support you can provide to the CJPME Foundation’s humanitarian programs.

* The CJPME Foundation’s 2023 humanitarian project is still being scoped.  Fuller details of the project will be released in February/March, 2023.


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