Palestine Medical Relief Campaign

The Palestine Medical Relief Campaign (PMRC) is a campaign launched by the Canadian Palestinian Organizations Coalition with support from Arab-Canadian health care professionals.  The campaign aims to procure medical equipment for use in Palestinian public health facilities during the global Coronavirus crisis. The fundraising for the campaign will run from April 15, 2020 until May 30, 2020.  Phase 1 of the campaign aims to raise $100,000 which will be used to purchase medical equipment in Canada and ship it to Palestine.  

Can you donate?

Click here to make your donation now.  Donations qualify for a Canadian tax receipt through the CJPME Foundation.

Why send aid to Palestine at this time?

As of April 11, there were over 200 Coronavirus cases in the West Bank, and 12 in Gaza.  Like much of the world, many people in Palestine are forced to stay in their homes.  Because many Palestinians live in cramped accommodations, it is feared that the virus will spread quickly if it takes hold.  The Palestinian public health care system is totally ill-equipped for a Coronavirus epidemic.

Unfortunately, largely because the Palestinians live under a brutal Israeli military occupation, medical supplies are insufficient, and medical facilities are at capacity.  The Palestinians’ ability to get more supplies and respond to the crisis is hindered by Israel’s occupation, which delays deliveries and impedes civilian movement.  

What medical equipment will be sent to Palestine?

At its launch on April 15, 2020, members of the PMRC with health care credentials are researching the availability and price of medical equipment for purchase, as well as the needs in Palestine. If possible, the PMRC would like to send multiple medical ventilators to Palestine.  The PMRC may also try to procure other medical equipment/supplies for Palestine, including personal protection equipement.  Check this page for updates as the campaign and its activities progress.

Want to get electronic updates on our progress?

Anyone who donates to the PMRC will automatically be put on an email list to receive updates about the campaign.  If you are unable to donate at this time, but would like updates on the progress of this campaign, please sign up here

News and facts about the Coronavirus outbreak in Palestine:

Frequent updates: 2020 coronavirus pandemic in the State of Palestine 
2020-04-10: Palestinians report second coronavirus death in West Bank
2020-04-09: Palestinians Fear a Coming Coronavirus Storm
2020-04-08: Outbreak poses dilemma for Palestinians working in Israel
2020-04-08: Gaza runs out of coronavirus tests
2020-04-06: Palestinians brace for a coronavirus outbreak as workers return
2020-04-06: East Jerusalem worries of healthcare collapse over coronavirus


2020-04-15 Update: Members of the Canadian Palestinian Organizations Coalition are still researching the availability and cost of medical equipment useful during the Coronavirus crisis. 

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