Job Posting: Manager, Strategic Operations - CJPME Foundation

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CJPME Foundation


Montreal, QC

(or possibly virtual during COVID). 

If working remotely, candidate will have a CJPME Foundation-branded phone line


Part time to full time

Job Category:



Manager, Strategic Operations

Relevant Work Experience:

2+ Years

Career Level:

Entry-level management

Education Level:

University Degree, with preference for degrees in journalism, media and/or communications


Non-profit sector


Daytime hours, flexible schedule (Minimum 20 scheduled hrs./wk.)

The CJPME Foundation is a registered Canadian charity established in 2013 whose mission is to educate Canadians about human and aboriginal rights.  Currently a small organization, the Foundation is looking for a highly motivated individual who is passionate about the organization’s mission and who wants to play a major role in its growth and influence.  The successful candidate will be multi-talented and flexible – able to contribute creatively in several different roles. The position requires skills in media, analysis, strategy, critical thinking and writing, public relations, communications and management. 


Position Role:

  • Manager, Media Operations
    • To create, implement and oversee the Foundation’s strategy for media/community monitoring and education
    • To create and implement the Foundation’s communications strategy, including email and social media presence
    • To perform necessary research (and manage other researchers) for successful media/community monitoring and education campaigns 
    • To develop productive and responsive relationships with media/community contacts at all levels
    • To develop and maintain strategic media/community assets (contact lists, etc.)
    • To help shape branded communications, marketing materials, press releases, event marketing, customer messaging and coordinating press analyst relations.
  • Manager, Organizational Operations:
    • In conjunction with the Foundation’s Secretary (Thomas Woodley) and the Board, and in alignment with the charitable purposes of the Foundation, to determine and implement the vision of the Foundation
    • To represent and promote the CJPME Foundation, its outputs and its projects.  As of March, 2021, this includes humanitarian fundraising projects, research outputs, exhibitions and Amnesty-style human rights campaigns.
    • To plan and implement the fundraising activities of the Foundation.
    • To build strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations

The qualified candidate will work closely with, and report to, the Foundation’s Secretary. 

Bilingual candidates will have an advantage, as part of the CJPME Foundation’s constituency is uni-lingual French.  


Additional Job Details:

Manager, Media Operations

  • Media Research
  • To evolve techniques, manual and automated, to survey relevant Canadian media
  • To evolve a tracking system and library of problematic media outlets and content producers
  • To evolve a practical “response strategy” where common media shortcomings are easily identified and responded to, in conjunction with supporting research
  • To develop and maintain professional and productive relationships that enable the Foundation to influence Canadian media and other content producers
  • To evolve careful strategies to handle “rogue” media that may seek SLAPP action against the Foundation
  • Education through Media Advocacy
  • To evolve productive strategies to address shoddy Canadian journalism and educate both the Canadian public and media. Such strategies would involve:
      • Directly contacting media reps to correct/address media misinformation
      • Publicizing official communications written to media to correct/address media misinformation
      • Organizing targeted campaigns of volunteers to correct/address media misinformation (TBD: Media Centre)
      • Working with the National Newsmedia Council and provincial press councils to advocate media accountability on key files
  • To showcase and publicize the media education work of the Foundation, via the Website and social media


Manager, Organizational Operations

  • Management
  • Cultivate and manage relations with partner organizations, local leaders and volunteers
  • Manage the interviewing and hiring of staff and interns
  • Manage staff and interns
  • Administration
  • Maintain and update organizational processes and templates
  • Handle communications from donors, members, public
  • Donor Development and Relations
    • Work with other team members to evolve fundraising strategy, covering large, medium, and small donors, as well as organizational donors
    • Work with other team members to plan and implement fundraising initiatives
    • Help perform the necessary periodic one-on-one follow-up with donors
    • Work with supporters and volunteers to grow the donor network
  • Help maintain up-to-date data on donors, donor organizations and related opportunities



The ideal candidate would have the following qualifications:

  • Native language skills in English, spoken and written.  Bi-lingualism would be an asset. 
  • Track record of published pieces covering public policy, media and related topics.
  • Track record and demonstrable experience in media relations together with strong media contacts.
  • Wide knowledge of, and demonstrable interest in the media business and how it operates
  • Self-Motivated: must be able to work independently and self-direct over potentially long periods
  • Possesses an advanced degree of creativity, imagination, problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Multi-tasker: must be able to work on different assignments in parallel.
  • Productive, organized, and detail-oriented
  • Experience and ease with all Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)  
  • Savvy with all contemporary media tools and platforms (e.g. social media, productivity tools, etc.)
  • Self confident and comfortable working with people of diverse backgrounds and different age groups
  • Excellent customer relations skills, in-person and over the phone
  • Friendly, works well others of different backgrounds


How to apply? 

Interested candidates should send their CV and a cover letter to [email protected]

Note: Please do not call. Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Thank you.