The CJPME Foundation’s Humanitarian Projects

Over the past several years, the CJPME Foundation is proud to have enabled Canadians to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for humanitarian relief for struggling, dispossessed and/or oppressed peoples.  This work aligns with the Foundation’s purposes to relieve poverty and misery through humanitarian intervention.  Here are the current and past projects the CJPME Foundation has managed over the years:


  • CURRENT PROJECT “Water for Gaza”: In this project launched in February, 2022, the CJPME Foundation is working with the International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF) to build a water well to provide potable water to well over 500 families in the Al-Tuffah region of northeast Gaza. Palestinians in Gaza face a severe shortage of drinking water in Gaza due to a depleted aquafier and discriminatory Israeli policies.  According to UNICEF, only 10% of Palestinians in Gaza have access to safe drinking water through public water networks.  The project will provide the electromechanical works (e.g. pumping unit), an additional pumping manifold, the necessary piping, and a chlorine disinfectant system.  The project budget and target is $100,000


  • 2021 CRISIS PROJECT “Gaza Emergency Aid”: In May, 2021, many Canadians were livid about Israel’s provocation and brutality against Palestinians in Gaza, Jerusalem and elsewhere in historic Palestine. The needs of victims in Gaza were overwheleming, and the CJPME Foundation pitched in with the IDRF to provide food kits, medical kits, and medical consumables for thousands of affected families and individuals in Gaza.  Ultimately, $62,000 was raised and donated for Gaza through this project.  Donations received after the monies were sent to Gaza were transferred to the "Help Gaza Breathe" project.   


  • 2021 PROJECT “Help Gaza Breathe”: Launched in February of 2021, the CJPME Foundation partnered with the Public Service Alliance Canada Social Justice Fund and the IDRF with the aim of purchasing medical oxygen generation equipment for a hospital in Gaza. Initially, the Hayfa Medical Hospital in northeast Gaza was to have been the beneficiary of the project, but because of the dynamic situation with Israel’s May bombardment of Gaza, Al-Shifa hospital was the ultimate site for the project.  The project enabled the purchase and installation of an oxygen plant (i.e. oxygen compressor, filling unit, tanks, etc.) which serves the hospital community as well as surrounding medical facilities.  Ultimately, $157,000 was raised and donated for Gaza through this project. 


  • 2020 PROJECT “Palestine Medical Relief Project”: Just weeks after the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the CJPME Foundation partnered with the Canadian Palestinian Organizations Coalition with the aim of providing ventilators, defibrillators and medical monitors to medical facilities in both the West Bank and Gaza. At the time, the Palestinians – like much of the rest of the world – were facing a huge surge in respiratory hospitalizations due to COVID.  After consulting with several potential partners on the ground, the Foundation and its partners ultimately chose to work with the IDRF and its partners on the ground in Palestine.  Ultimately, $165,000 was raised and donated for this project.